With more than 20 years’ real-world legacy modernization experience, Morphis works with leading global enterprises, software vendors and system integrators to cloud-enable legacy systems. With the industry’s most comprehensive solutions, Morphis upgrades outdated systems to increase IT innovation, unleashing the agility of the cloud for the customers, partners, suppliers, regulators and employees connected to every enterprise.

From banking, and insurance to governments and independent software vendors, Morphis helps optimize IT systems for hundreds of organizations around the world. Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, Morphis has offices throughout Europe and the Americas.

  • Date Launched   –  2013
  • HQ Location    –  Lisbon, Portugal
  • Team Size   – 70
  • Fundraising Status   – Seeking Investment


MorphisTech is a software company with a proven value that derives from high specialisation and expertise in modernisation technologies, guiding you in the process of revamping your applications, analysing, optimising and modernising them.
We provide solutions as well as a comprehensive set of services for companies and organisations that wish to update their software applications or improve their development process and software infrastructure, answering each client’s unique needs by making the most of our software engineering tools, services and processes.
Additionally, MorphisTech helps its clients to remain competitive and grow in the turbulent markets of today by relying on IT systems that are agile in responding to business and technological changes and maximize efficiency across organisational structures.
We will guide you through the required modernisation processes, generating code response for an ever-changing world.

Key Features

– Highly automated and reliable solution;
– Fast time-to-market;
– UI/UX improvements;
– Maintains all business logic from original application

The Backstory

It all began when a group of recent college graduates, led by its founder and CEO, Luís Andrade, committed itself to an ambitious mission: to create the world’s best tools for modernizing legacy systems. And so, it was. For years these tools have been developed and tested until we reached what we were aiming for.
From this development work, in 2013, arises a new company called Morphis Tech.
In a brief time, Morphis Tech received the attention of some of the biggest IT players, such as Microsoft, IBM and Fujitsu, and of clients such as major banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, telecommunications companies, governments, among others.


Kari Branjord –
SVP, Strategy
and Product Management, ERP
“…there wasn’t another vendor
that could execute with the same
level of proficiency.”


Qbyte FM Team
“Thank you very much for
the hard work… We very
much appreciate your efforts
and enjoyed working with you all.”


P2 Energy Solutions

Sue Camner – Database Manager
“…[they] are phenomenal. They
do everything they can to make us
successful and we stay with them
because we know what they can do.”

Miami-Dade County

CEO, Founder - Luis Andrade

Luis Andrade is the CEO and founder of Morphis Tech, a company whose core business lies in the automated modernization of legacy applications.
Founded in 2013, Morphis was the result of years of research and teambuilding.
Before the inception of Morphis Luis had other successful ventures, however it was his academic and research work that served as embryos for the evolved technologies of Morphis Tech. With a masters’ degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Faculty of Sciences and Technical Institute (IST) in the University of Lisbon, he heavily participated in the Scientific research community with over 100 publications and citations including a book. It was during these research years that Luis commenced his journey into legacy modernization technologies and with a team of college graduates the now CEO of Morphis Tech started developing the most reliant, agile and automated migration solutions. This innovative solution quickly led to notoriety among some of the biggest IT players, such as Microsoft, IBM and Fujitsu, and of clients such as major banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, telecommunications companies, governments, among others.

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